Even though I studied art at college(University of Paris 8)and Ecole des Beaux Arts in Saint-Ouen, I am what one could call a Jack-of-all-trades.

Sensitive to the obsolescence we give to things, I question our current consuming habits in my artistic work.

My collages are made only with flyers, magazines, catalogs, and other artifacts of the ephemeral. I divert this usual, vulgar material, transforming it into something artistic that transcend daily reality. The work emerges from my underlying desire to integrate different universes:  my everyday life and a more interior, more sensible universe.

The resulting composition is like a painting at first glance that then catches and keeps the eyes as images, logos and signs appear.

The meticulous work of research, cutting, and collage allows me to immerse myself in a kind of meditation for the pleasure of creating landscapes, nature and living beings from particles of ad’s papers   that are impermanent and ecologically destructive to the world and humanity.

More than contrasting materialism and spirituality, I highlight the creative faculty of the human to transform and sublimate.


The artworks are for sale and the prices are available on request.

All the pieces are high quality prints mounted on 30 X 40 cm aluminum frames.


Press kit

January 2018 côte certified Akoun